Automatic Anime Cards MPV Script #


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Incomplete Changelog #

  • v35: update links, filter out left-to-right embed control char U+202A that caused line not found error in firefox
  • v34: Control+v without a control+c will once again add only the latest line to the card, even if the latest line contains newlines.
  • v33: Lines with whitespace characters besides the regular space are cleaned properly. Subtitle files that use such whitespace will work properly now and you will not get the line not found error. Video files that use a SAR for displaying non-square pixels are now scaled properly in the screenshot.
  • v32: Copying in partial lines now shows an error message instead of silently making wrong card, card audio now uses audio-delay adjustments in MPV, SSL fixes for Forvo
  • v31: Option to make card volume match MPV volume
  • v22: Script can now fetch word audio from Forvo and clean it
  • v20: Linux and MacOS support added
  • v16: No longer requires external dependencies on Windows