Various Images For Japanese Learners #

The original Jamal VN Chart #

Complete with epic Saihate no Ima joke.

A graph of words-known to words-recognized #

This graph can be very encouraging because you can recognize 85% of words in media just by learning 2000 of them. However, don’t get discouraged by the second half of the graph. Yes, going from 90% to 95% means doubling the amount of words you know from ~3000 to ~6000. That 5% gain might not seem huge… but it is HUGE! At 90% you’ll look up every 1 in 10 words, at 95% you’ll look up every 1 in 20 words. That’s doubling the amount of words you can read without looking anything up!

The math of “Read more!” (per day), is based on the forgetting curve #

Note that this image isn’t suggesting that you should start off by reading 20,000 words per day. If you notice at the bottom, I mention that reaching 95% coverage in the same amount of time requires less than 10,000 words per day. The two main important points are simply A) Try to read more per day, even a 10% increase in words read per day can have a 2x gains increase and B) Gradually increase the amount you read per day as you become better at the language. More info: https://rentry.org/gitgud

A list of anime on Animelon.com ranked easiest to hardest #

OLD: A newer list can be found >>>HERE<<<

Difficulty D is calculated by (unique_words)^2 * avg_sentence_length / (num_words * ln(num_episodes)). We then give the show with the highest D a relative difficulty of 100 and all other shows’ difficulty is scaled down similarly. text version here

Graph of the above data #