Yomichan Frequency Dictionaries #

These are dictionaries you can add to Yomichan to display how frequently a word might appear in a given corpus. Frequency is displayed as a number between MOST frequent 0 and LEAST frequent 100. Check out this graph, essentially the number in these dicts are the Y axis of this graph. So if you were aiming for understanding 95% of words you come across the most efficient way would be to mine all the words with a freq less than or equal 95.

Visual Novels #


Based on an analysis of word frequency from over 100 visual novel games

Narou #


Based on an analysis of word frequency from the top 300 narou stories



Based on Long Unit Word list data (v2) from A previous version of this dict has been floating around without spelling annotations. This adds it. Personally I do not find this very useful outside of the few things it captures that the purely MeCab based dicts above do not, e.g. 四字熟語 and names.

example of freq dicts