Core 2.3k Anki Deck (Core2.3k)

Core 2.3k Anki Deck (Core2.3k) #


This is an Anki deck based on QuizMaster’s Core 3k deck with the following improvements:

  • Words are ordered by Wareya’s VN frequency list, from most common to least common.
  • Words with a frequency index greater than 6,000 have been removed from the deck, hence why it is smaller than Core 3k.

The result is a deck made from the highest quality cards, in the most efficient order possible, and as much extra fluff/non-core words removed as possible.

Version 2 is now out! #

Same 2.3k deck as before, same link, but this time:

  • some words with a frequency index greater than 6,000 that got missed are now removed
  • katakana loanwords are removed
  • images added to the ~600 cards that were missing them

The 2.3k deck is now only 2048 cards, yet has the same great value for beginners as before!


Example core card