Condensed Audio

Automatic Condensed Audio Dialogue Script #

This script will automatically extract the dialogue from your anime into MP3 files for easy playback without all the non-Japanese audio.


How to use #

  • Have a folder with your anime inside it.
  • The video files should have embedded subs or you should place your .srt/.ass files in the same folder as the video files.
  • Move the auto-condensed-audio folder into the same folder as your video files.
  • Double-click RUN_ME inside the auto-condensed-audio folder.
  • A new folder containing your consdensed audio will be created in the same folder as your video files.

Customization #

If you open with a text editor you can customize some of the behaviour of the script.

    # Try to remove lyrics based on heuristics.
    'exclude_lyrics': True,
    # How many seconds of padding to allow between lines of dialogue.
    # Larger numbers create less chopped-up output.
    'line_padding': 1.5,
    # Choose how large the MP3s should be
    # Options are 'dialogue_segments', 'episode', 'all'
    'group_mp3s_by': 'episode'