Scripts and Resources for learning Japanese

DJT’s Anacreon: Japanese Learning Resources! #

Here you can find some helpful tools for learning Japanese in the menu on the left.

Matt Vs Japan Is Illegally Censoring Me #

YouTuber Matt Vs Japan, famously known for making money off of his rebranded AJATT guide, has sent illegal DMCA requests to my YouTube channel and Mega account to censor videos I made criticizing him. This has resulted in the termination of my YouTube account. He knows he has no copyright over the fair-use clips of audio I used in these videos, yet he does not care for any morals or laws. He sees himself above the law.

If you would like to help me please join my Discord at

Learn Japanese #

To learn Japanese visit this website put together by a cool dude that passed a kanji test Japanese adults only have a 21.2% pass rate for – and only 3 years after starting to study Japanese!

30 Day Japanese (UsagiSpoon): There is also this new excellent 30-day guide that instructs you on exactly what to do each day.

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